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AC systems and Air-Quality of ATMs.

Post 15 - AC systems and Air-Quality of ATMs.

ATMs is the most important essential service we all use during this pandemic and if we really look at the Air Quality and Management of majority of ATMs of majority of Banks the conditions are extremely bad. Small room of ATM fitted with a split AC system is typical ATM infrastructure and if we analyse a typical ATM you will notice any one of the following situations:

1. Door closed AC temperature set point 16 deg C and no fresh air provision and guard sitting inside.

2. Door partially / fully open AC running set point 16 deg C and no guard.

3. Door partially / fully open AC switch is on and air vent open but not running and no guard.

Now seeing above situations and recent WHO report of air borne infection of COVID-19 what precautions banks are taking for this. Earlier, there was concern of surface infection and people could use gloves to operate ATM keys but for airborne they must with immediate effect issue guidelines as per the ISHARE guidelines of fresh air provisions in AC space and use air filters now available for better Indoor air quality and safe space. The AC systems should be cleaned periodically as there is very high movement (in and out) of persons in ATM. So do wear mask when inside ATM facility in either of the above scenario of ATM.

This is in continuation to my various posts in last 4 months where I have tried my best to make my network share my area of work for safe and comfortable indoor environments.


Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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