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Bare minimum and affordable UVC disinfection solution for residential and small commercial establish

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Bare minimum and affordable UVC disinfection solution for residential and small commercial establishments.

In few of my earlier posts I talked about UV C lights for surface and air disinfection. When the effectiveness of UV C was confirmed by many experts including AIIMS, the market of UV lights just exploded in a haphazard way without much technical evaluation. Even the output of light was not known to people who were selling it , as it is the output of lamp which determines the germicidal irradiance. But now availability is getting better with indian manufacturers coming-in and testing being done by many reputed organisations like CSIR etc . Our co provided UVC solutions for commercial AC systems ( our Ac industry is using UV C for last 30 years but usage earlier was for getting rid of moles and spores and bacteria through air systems) but residential customers are always looking for simple and affordable solution and therefore we are suggesting lamp of 32 w with output of 8 w suitable for 150 sq ft room. The usage of this is to be carefully monitored and can be explained. Above is affordable solution . Please note that it has limitation that lamp could be on when human presence is not there in the room . There are little expensive solution also which could be used even when human presence is there in the room but as that is expensive solution and hence would recommend only for clinics , offices with continuous influx of visitors , hospitals etc. You can contact us for getting to know the cost and availability of residential solution discussed above as we have some limited stock procured (on request from many customers who are getting confused when they google search UVC and are bombarded with multiple choices ) from an Indian manufacturer and certified and tested .


Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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