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Connecting Plants - A SPHEEHA initiative.

Post 16 - Connecting Plants - A SPHEEHA initiative.

Connecting people is a big challenge during these pandemic times and IT platforms helped us all in resolving that and allowed virtual interaction . 'Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra’ (SPHEEHA) used the power of virtual world by connecting its members globally and planted trees at the same time at all the locations that is at 7 AM IST on 1st Aug. keeping all safety norms spheeha planted around 4000 plants at 123 locations around the world that is in all states of India, USA, Canada, UK, Netherland, Singapore, Australia. MAYOR of Toronto joined the plantation activity at Toronto Canada and the work was highly appreciated globally and was covered well my press media for raising environmental consciousness. Was fortunate to be a part of organising team of this event .

Take some time out and plant a tree either at your home in a pot or your colony or at your work place or at any other place you can . As I am from AC industry I would like to convey its benefit in temperature terms . Please note that According the to EPA, the shade from trees, in combination with the water vapor they release, can reduce peak temperatures by as much as 20–45°F (11–25°C) compared to unshaded areas.


Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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