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Covid -19 and the Future of Work – a possible “new normal” for the HVAC industry –

As the Niti Aayog CEO Mr. Kant rightly mentioned during the video conference “Covid -19 and the Future of Work” that “I see a very different type of informal economy, which becomes the new normal – informal becomes the new normal”. In this light, a possible new normal for the HVAC industry is:

1. Customers (Comfort AC Segment) mainly want Good Cooling – Temperature and Air Draft at best price. The new normal will be – Temperature, Humidity Control, Filtration Level and Self Service all at best price.

2. Suppliers have to think of future technologies to include IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) as an in-built feature of AC systems and with Artificial Intelligence enabled alarms for safe machine operations and temperature, humidity, filtration level control. The Service System should be such that customers can troubleshoot the systems on their own in case of emergencies as prevailing now.

3. Integration of AC systems with renewable energy sources for self-reliant energy systems.

4. When BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) issued notification for 24 degrees C as the default setting for room air-conditioners from an energy consumption perspective, it was not taken so well by many. Now, however, as the set point of 24 degrees C has a correlation to minimization of contamination, it will have much larger acceptability during these pandemic times. So, the new normal is shifted from just wanting to get cold air to wanting comfortable safe and healthy air as well as a regular consumer demand… which is a big shift in thinking.

5. Innovative Jugaad Solutions have to become the “New Normal”. Jugaad Innovation is needed where effective simple solutions are created to address pressing socio-economic issues.

So lets all work together for the new normal and create a new business and work culture keeping in mind the 5 vowels defining the New Normal, as outlined by the Hon’ble Prime Minister in his recent Linkedin Post: Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity and Universalism.

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