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Energy Independent India and What is Our Take Away as an Individual

It is a great step that our Nation has a target to be energy independent by 2047. Terms like Electric Mobility, Circular Economy, Hydrogen Fuel, Ethanol mix are being used all over but if our nation has to achieve the target, then what these terms mean to us as an individual and what actions we can take within our own limitations should be put in simpler words of actionable objectives with short term, medium term and long term goals.

Circular economy has many environmental and ecological benefits over a linear economy model. If we talk about my area of work, that is Air-Conditioning and Solar Rooftop systems, then the impact would change of the business model of product sales to:

1. Cooling as a service (For AC)

2. Pay as you generate (In solar roof-top)

How will it impact environment and ecology?

When you buy services instead of products, the service provider is giving you a regenerative model and will definitely enhance the lifecycle of the product that the service provider offered as a service. So, value is created by focusing on value preservation. To give a simple analogy: Spotify is selling listening services instead of selling CDs.

In a Circular economy we move towards eco-effectiveness rather than eco-efficiency which means that residual flows must be reused for a function that is the same (recycling) or even higher (upcycling) than the original function of the material.

So, we as individuals can start thinking on these lines and review our energy consumption of electric utility and fuel mobility and start the process of transition by planning renewable energy and electric mobility with the clarity of circular economy thinking.

For more details on the above two services, contact Zero Square Energy Solutions Private Limited and be part of the transition.

Pankaj Gupta

CEO, Zero Square Energy Solutions Private Limited

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