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Energy Sources and their Reliability for Residential and Light Commercial Users

In this unpredictable world today energy sources for meeting our daily requirements are becoming unreliable due to either resources crunch like coal shortages we are seeing or fuel prices hike we all are witnessing or PNG line failure or usual power cuts either due to demand surge or electrical faults due to extreme heat or rain. Climate Change definitely is one of the reasons but in a highly digital and power dependable world today where any such breakdown of power makes us all stressed and creates complete chaos in our daily life, we must plan our own power generation and storage resources. Unpredictable environment is very unlikely to become less so it is better that individuals take control and develop your own resources of power generation and energy storage systems with integrated net metering so that when such conditions are not there then you use power in real time and export power when consumption is less. Energy storage with the present technology should be planned so that in future when you switch from fossil fuel cars to Electric Cars you have transport mobility with least dependency on public utility systems.

Written By

Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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