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Here is my observation on Air-purifiers

Post 30- Here is my observation of Air-purifier . Yesterday temp dropped low the air quality also deteriorated. 226 micrograms /m3 was reading (PM2.5)of inside my house in Agra . With air purifier it came down to even 11 micrograms /m3. Now , the question is when we use home RO for pure water do we really see the TDS on display (if there is mostly display is not even there) or we check when get it serviced or we feel the water taste or not getting water borne infections is our check criteria and we are satisfied with those qualitative data . Same is with air purification we can perceive better air and especially good for people with dust allergies or asthmatic tendencies. But if we recall RO was not integral part of our home 15 years back and now we do make space for it and it’s waste water . To be part of healthy habitat unfortunately climate change is forcing us with additional devices to be part of integrated home. To cover my entire observation and technical review will take lot text for you to read and me to type and hence those who are really keen to know please text me and I can provide or can explain on phone the product and its prices and availability. Few key technical parameters are (CADR- clean air delivery rate), AcH - air changes per hour , National index of air quality for reference , UV integrated or not , is it with HEPA 13 or 11 . All these changes the price . Have healthy air . Pankaj Gupta

Review by tech guru Rajiv .

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