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How to use you AC with correct temperature settings

As mentioned in my earlier post the report of ISHRAE is released just now . For residential sector advise is use AC with temp setting 24-30 deg C and humidity of 40% to 70% is to be maintained ( humidity should not fall below 40%) and keep some natural ventilation in room with little window or door open or other exhaust options. Detailed document and advise can be given on request . There are different guidelines for healthcare , factories and commercial spaces and that need to be carefully examined by user before you start your specific work facility AC system.

This is detailed document but word of caution for healthcare facilities (hospitals and clinics) that do consult experts. We are ready to offer our services free but you are at the forefront and handling this pandemic now and to be prepared for future you have to have your HVAC system plan in place and it has some specific requirements to control spread thru HVAC systems which should be taken care .

For Residential Users – As at present outside humidity level is around 32% in Agra and Delhi area and you must be wondering how to maintain above RH above 40% as advised in report – solution is when you run AC and bring air temperature down , humidity can slightly increase inside. You can also put ac fan at middle speed and keep your room fan on so that air flow across AC will be high and therefore there will be less moisture removal . I will keep you posted for RH levels and actions suggested to maintain RH. Have a good comfortable sleep and stay safe .

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