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“Humidity and Heat - The Climate Ferocity”

We welcomed rains with the hope of relief from the scorching heat wave of May and June in North India but the kind of temperature and humidity we are seeing in July is reminding us to do something for climate change ( for the better). The dry bulb temperature is hovering around 34-38 degree C and RH between 54-65% - which leads to wet bulb temperature of around 28 deg C or so even if take conincident temperature at maximum value. In coastal areas wet bulb temp goes maximum 32 deg C and that is understandable but in weather of north India such temp and humidity is troublesome . If Wet Bulb temp reaches 34 or so then it is alarming and in my earlier posts I have mentioned details about that. So what the solution in monsoon season other than keeping us hydrated by consuming water, air-coolers do not work for desired comfort, so to get comfort dehumidifiers or air conditioning becomes the only solution ? Alternatively, let’s all work towards planting more trees, reducing consumption of electricity , selecting energy efficient equipments, work towards breakthrough technologies for better sustainable future, follow circular economy concepts in our daily life as well and organisations seriously start working for net zero not for show biz but with serious actions on ground . #energy #circulareconomy #systemsthinking #sustainabledevelopment #climatechange #globalwarming

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