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India’s New Normal 5 Vowels – Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity and Universalism.

When we restart in a New Normal way and redefine our business models and work culture, Prime Minister Modi in his recent LinkedIn post talked about 5 vowels– Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity and Universalism.

Borders are closed because movement increases the risk of infections. Can we ADAPT in a holistic and new manner where working, living, studying and healthcare co-exist in certain defined, sustainable, kilometer-concentric areas– where everything is in walking, cycling or short driving distance: complete cities and micro-cities. If we ADAPT in this way with an INCLUSIVE approach in an EFFICIENT manner, then the problem of closing boundaries which affects the economy can be avoided. One of India’s many strengths is the amazing ability to Jugaad Innovate solutions for challenging problems that affect society as a whole (the auto driver who partitioned his vehicle with a simple low-cost sheet into four compartments, enabling social distancing of his passengers. This frugal way of achieving tasks grants new OPPORTUNITIES and allows Innovation to reach the poor which will pave a new way of UNIVERSALISM with India as a world leader.

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