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You must be noticing sticks and logs piled up in many corners or somewhere even on road ( blocking traffic like in this picture) as preparation to celebrate beginning of springtime and festival of colors ( Holi) and good effort by AMC to launch awareness campaign next month. Last 1 year has shown the wrath of nature and how world is still struggling. Air pollution and its direct effect on Covid has also been advocated by scientist and doctors. Innovation has solved many day to day problems during this time so, why can’t social workers, communities, academicians find some inclusive approach solution to celebrate this festival. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and the particulate matter levels gets too high every year when we burn these pyres and the next morning use of synthetic colours, water balloons and high decibel music. All of these contribute to pollution of air and water. As I am from AC industry one warning when your guests along with you enter your home with toxic colours and AC is on these toxic substances enter the AC system and then filter cleaning or changes are required. Even in offices people celebrate it this way without thinking the aftereffects of recirculated air.

Public awareness is one solution and hence posting this. For the location shown in picture is near area I live and last year I tried to approach to find a better way after talking to people of that area but I could not reach the right influencers as it looked like (from the people I talked) IT IS THE WAY and WE ARE DOING AS ALL ARE DOING. WHO ARE ALL? I think ALL are WE and only WE can find some better solution.


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