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Post 36 - Universities ranking and points for Energy and Environmental best practices . Recently, we did energy and environment audit for a reputed university of India as per criteria 7 requirements of NAAC (NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL) and was pleased to note that due credits are given by national accrediting council to Sustainable development practices adopted by the institute. So, next time when you see good ranking Institute you can infer that it is doing good for environment too. Every institute follow green practices to a certain extent but documenting it against a set criteria allows institute to think differently for greater good of their institute and environment at large. The audit is simple exercise but provides comprehensive “as is “ position and what could be done in future. The challenge is how students get to know how their institute ranking is affected by their support and work for environment . The inclusive approach could help and therefore there is also provision of association of a NGO by institute to engage in best practices on a continuous basis . Integration of NGO , students forum and institute administration can help in building a better future of their institute and also when they move out of institute and work for organisations they would adopt environment leadership programs .

Pankaj Gupta

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