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On Safe and Comfortable Environments for residential, commercial and healthcare building.

Post -10 On Safe and Comfortable Environments for residential , commercial and healthcare buildings

After partial opening up I am seeing sudden surge of UV related enquiries and people selling UV - like mask and sanitizers are being sold, from where such mass qty landed I do not know . As I have been telling from beginning of lockdown - be a conscious user and hence just giving my personal inputs below :

UV C is definitely effective and is best choice among many ( Like Photo Catalytic Oxidation, Plasma Technology, HEPA Filters), but human exposure to UV C Band is not good therefore carefully study the application for which you want to use UV and examine the offered system to you . There are various types of UVGI systems for air and surface disinfection.

UVGI effectiveness depends primarily on the UV dose delivered to the microorganisms: DUV = It where I is the average irradiance in μW/cm2, and t is the exposure time in seconds. Although Equation appears quite simple, its application can be complex considering spatial variability in irradiance . It is something like you need 500 mg of antibiotic and pharmacy shop gives you 250 mg medicine .The result will be infection will remain.

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