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On Safe & Comfortable Building Environment.

Post -13 On Safe & Comfortable Building Environment.

Myth - AC environment spreads COVID-19. The answer is if standards and guidelines are not followed then everything has a flip side (though I have answered the technical reply in my earlier posts ) I am glad that in India on June 2nd ISHRAE (Indian Society of Hearing, Refrigerating & AC Engineers , IMA( Indian Medical Association) and Hospital Board of India (HBI) came together and released Guidelines (enclosed) for operation of AC and Ventilation Systems in healtcare facilities that is hospitals, nursing homes and clinics which has patients with different ailments and special care is to be taken to contain the spread of virus in air . Proper AC and ventilation system can contain the spread in environment which obviously has more load of infective agents. The countries which follow guidelines and standards in fact had AC & Ventilation systems under essential services while in India we are still living in myth as we to a certain extent sometimes cut corners in following standards. Request to please forward the enclosed document to your known hospitals facilities and doctors so that they can ensure with their facility staff that where they need to fill the gap and re-engineer their facilities . Though, standard is drafted on COVID-19 basis but is applicable for any infectious diseases. Therefore, healthcare facilities must start planning and adhering to the standard to contain spread as their facilities are not just covid facilities.


Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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