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Operating the AC and Ventilation systems to control spread of COVID-19

Before you check-in to your workplace Do checkout. Read below for more details.

After Monday the 20th April as per MHA directions certain work places will open and few of you your colleagues / friends, your staff will be starting to wok from factories/ offices after a long gap . Your Ventilation and AC system have been off for that period. Your maintenance & operations team would definitely be cleaning the air systems and purging the air before you all move-in with proper procedures of safety. Do also ensure that they follow below recommendations of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) as issued on 13th April for operating the AC and Ventilation systems to control spread of COVID-19. For safe workplaces it is very important for us all (irrespective of your work role) to know the air distribution system of the workplace. Be a smart user and know your indoor environment to be safe and productive. Enclosed is ISHARE document but in simple terms points you must know are :

1. Which type of AC system you have a) normal splits, cassette, tower AC units (can be through VRF system also) b) Ducted units (mini central AC) c) Chilled water system with Fan coil and Air Handling units in indoor spaces. d) Ventilation system through Air-washer (used in many factories) e) Simple fan-based ventilation system

Once as occupant of workplace you know your system then work with your operations and maintenance team to ensure all are working for a common goal that is safe indoor environment and also appreciate them as you might have received communication from your corporate teams for social distancing, mask use and sanitizer use which is in your control but at the back end how your operations team is working to ensure that you get clean and healthy air must be known to you as that is the only we as AC and Ventilation fraternity can improvise systems..

2. Once you know the system and have checked that all indoor AC units are cleaned by your operations team then check that there is a provision of fresh air to your occupied workplace if not then in-line fan filter unit can be installed and even if that can not be then recommended to use operable windows. Fresh air qty is mentioned in ISHRAE document . There are different levels of ventilation standards for each type of system mentioned above which is given in enclosed document .

You may reach us if any further help or input is required. Work safely and smartly .

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