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Record high temp. on June 30th & what steps we should take to face this grim reality

This year on June 30th our HVAC Industry colleagues were flooded with calls of cooling issues and customers were wondering: did they miss the tagline of manufacturers while buying the AC "Can withstand high ambient temperatures." It was not only India which faced this heat wave but even Canada's West and US Pacific NW hit the record high temperatures making global warming a grim reality. In India energy use was up to 10% to 4.2 TWh on June 30th. Cooling appliances/systems, Cold Chains and Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development issues getting sensitized. How should we prepare ourselves to face such grim reality where work from home is still ongoing and if home power and cooling system are not in good shape then what? What steps should we take to plan for better home and present office : 1. Review your cooling system from need, energy consumption and back-up power (if grid fails) perspective. 2. Review or plan your use of Renewable energy (Solar system) and net-metering. 3. Review your energy storage system (battery bank) from capacity, ampere-hours and recharge perspective. In India Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) under leadership of Dr. Satish Kumar (President AEEE, ex-Berkeley Lab Scientist and USAID Chief of Party) is playing a key role in developing the India Cooling Action Plan and has taken a lead. They have also done partnerships with a galaxy of global organizations, under the auspices of the Cool Coalition's #NationalCoolingActionPlan methodology development initiative this week, which provides countries especially in tropical climates, to develop robust national cooling action plans on a warming up planet and help mitigate the risk posed by climate change. Hope we will be able to prepare our way forward keeping thermal comfort and energy efficiency balance in mind. Regards,

Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi) CEO Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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