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Post - 20 Safety and Security Systems

For last few months we all are trying our best for safety and security from health perspective due to pandemic but the economic slowdown has resulted in a situation that we have to see our personal safety and security aspect as well . Having spent few years of my career in Building Automation industry which integrates various subsystem like CCTV systems, Fire Alarm systems , Intrusion Alarm systems and Energy systems of building so that all work in sync and these system over years have become so advanced now with IOT ( Internet of Things ) that we can use these available technologies at low cost for our personal homes and offices security. Communities have to come together to evolve campus / colony wide integrated system . Homes can have simple intrusion alarm systems. Technologies and systems available are too many and it is likely that you get drowned with information. To help you plan your security follow simple steps of zoning your house or colony or premises you want to secure and once you zoned e.g. exterior door or gate requiring motion sensors or electronic lock etc you move to interior zone and try and integrate systems using wireless technology . May include some panic alarm / hooter system for individual homes or colony wide . Design your own simple and safe security solution. Be safe and be alert .

Pankaj Gupta

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