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COVID Precautions and Implementation

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Post 39- Some of us who were affected by COVID must have tried to analyse that they took all precautions but still got affected . This latest advisory “aerosolised particles can travel 10 m “ makes sense for recent second wave . If we try to trace where we made one mistake then we may be equipped better to confront other wave which may come and go. It is like 6 sigma principles approach one minor mistake can lead to accumulated errors and six sigma approach can help reduce chances of reaching that state . So let’s take this Govt advisory seriously and how and what actions we could take from this advisory. For easy implementation I have tried to divide this into following :

1. Easily achievable:

A) wear double masks as advised

2.Little effort and awareness:

A)ventilate spaces you occupy . Simple amd min fresh air is 1.5 air change per hour - if need inputs then you may provide us room size and height and we can advise opening size or ventilator or window you must open keeping mosquitoes away though.

B) AC usage - which type of AC you are using and what provisions you have to meet advisory is little complicated and needs serious professional discussion as temp and humidity are critical and so is recirculation of air . If require help then you send us message and we will try to help.

3. Investment you must make :

A) if providing desired ventilation all the time is not easy then invest in a good air purifier with or without Uv but with Hepa 13 filter . If AC system is central type and has to be used then make necessary UVC systems integrated to your indoor units . Or use wall mounted air sanitisers with UVC. Please note UVC is age old and proven technology and can not be matched with any other technology provided used properly and selected precisely as it is dependent on dosage (germicidal irradiance) .

If advisory given by Govt and doctors is followed then predicted spread can be contained to a manageable levels .

Stay safe and alert and cautious of your surrounding air.


Pankaj Gupta, M-Tech. (IIT-Delhi)


Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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