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Want to buy a new Air Conditioner? Read this Post.

Dear Residential Customers- Ambient temperature has increased & comfortable temp. and humidity is required for better health . If have to purchase AC then evaluate – can I get my old AC repaired if yes then calculate repair / maintenance cost and annual energy cost and then make decision of retain or replace . If for a new room which did not have AC then purchase , but buy AC with environment friendly refrigerant that is low ODP and GWP (ozone depletion potential and global warming potential) and most energy efficient AC and its criteria is SEER ( seasonal energy efficiency ratio) . Do not forget what we learned during lockdown that is be a conscious buyer that is price is not the only criteria as purchased AC is your asset which has to remain with you for 10-12 years and its effect to environment is directly linked to above parameters . Limited stock of Toshiba splits ACs has reached us at Agra today for both fixed speed and Invetor compressor. Do let is know if any help in decision making is required .

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