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"The start to finish of the HVAC chilled water piping work (Khurja, Dehradun, Greater Noida and Noida) and VRF system installation (HR block, Noida) carried out by the capable team of Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was done in a very professional manner with quality work. Their constant endeavour to meet our cost and quality expectations encouraged us to include them in our vendor list and as per our requirements, we hire them for their services, specializing in efficient HVAC systems. We wish them continued success for their work in helping the nation reduce energy consumption by providing optimized air conditioning implementable solutions and systems."


"Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. worked with us from the design to build stage for creating a world class clean room for our automobile parts application. Their HVAC system was highly appreciated by our end users (SMIEL), so much so that we are constantly giving them clean room application orders, which they also provided for our R & D facilities in Chennai."


"Zero Square Energy Solutions provided us with an HVAC system which exceeded our expectations. Their expertise, by understanding our requirements and working with us, improved specifications to meet our requirements. The provided air conditioned space is being utilized by our Japanese partners for their precision automobile component testing. The trust engendered by the Zero Square team's execution and timely handover of the project makes us look forward to a long association with Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd."


"When we decided to venture into the healthcare segment with a state of the art hospital in the historic city of Gwalior, our basic requirement was to have the best in class technology and an expert team to execute and service the prime need of comfort air conditioning, temperature and clean room requirements of the operation theatre. Team Zero Square with their best equipment offering, their system expertise and execution capabilities helped us achieving our goals. The air conditioning installation in the hospital and operation theatre of our hospital has improved our patients' sense of well-being and comfort. We highly recommend them for their design and build services for the healthcare segment."


"Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. worked with us to meet our time bound requirements of our running HVAC system. They provided us with a hot water generator to connect to our cooling system for meeting heating requirements of our facilities and they also provided much needed maintenance services of our cooling towers. Their quality work and their commitment makes them trustworthy and reliable to Okaya."


"Zero Square Energy Solutions is working with us for our Airconditioning and ventilation requirements for Hotel  and office buildings for last 5 years and they are like our  AC partners in providing our hotel customers meeting their uninterrupted comfort requirements and helping us to focus us on our core area as for comfort AC we do not have to spend much of time with their dedicated services.  Their design and build approach helped us designing 3 floors car parking with non-ducted systems which was first of its kind in city of Agra and that not only exceeded the expectations of fire department but helped us achieving the objective at lesser costs."



Our Valued Clients

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